About our recipe kits


Traditional Persian cuisine often involves slow cooking or time-consuming processes. Mandana’s Persian recipe kits are a fast way to explore the beautifully fragrant flavours of Persia with a modern twist. 

Inside each kit are a carefully selected combination of luxury dried ingredients: spices; herbs, fruits; nuts and seeds, alongside a quick and easy recipe. The recipes only take about 35 minutes from prep to finish.  

Currently we have three Persian recipe kits:

  • Khoresht Bademjoon:  create a luxurious feast of aubergine, tomato and dried lime stew with barberry and saffron rice.
  • Khoresht Kadoo: create a delicious feast of butternut squash and dried plum stew with dill rice.
  • Khorest Sib o Gheysi: create a sumptuous feast of apple and dried apricot stew with rose petal rice


Just add the shopping list ingredients (which can be found on the outer packaging as well as on the back of the recipe card) then follow the recipe inside. The shopping list is kept to a small number of ingredients, some of which are cupboard staples that you may already have at home in your kitchen.  



Mandana’s Persian recipe kits create a flavoursome stew (khoresht) accompanied by aromatic rice that serves 4 people. Our recipes are gluten free and suitable for vegans. You can adapt the recipe as you desire.There is a vegetarian suggestion on the shopping list to replace the meat listed. You may also want to replace the meat on the shopping list with a meat of your choice. The kits all work well with lamb, beef, pork or chicken; although a different meat choice may alter the cooking time.