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Mandana's Persian recipe kits

Add a sprinkle of Persia to your everyday life.

Welcome to Mandana's

 Mandana’s is a small artisan company, producing delicious Persian recipe kits for everyone to enjoy. Allow your taste buds to explore Persian cuisine using our hand packed luxury dried ingredients, alongside our quick and simple recipes.


Customer reviews...

Tracey (email)

"Hi Mandana, 

My husband and I bought a Khoresht Bademjoon recipe kit from you on Saturday in Chorlton and just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. The instructions were very easy to follow (foolproof) - I normally struggle cooking rice but mine turned out fluffy and delicious following your instructions. The lamb itself was so tasty, it smelled delicious. It was supposed to serve 4 but my son ate a double portion. I would definitely buy another. I think it would be an ideal dish to prepare and invite people around! Thanks again we will certainly be buying another next time you are in Chorlton, it really was quick and easy and tasted outstanding." 

flutter2me (Instagram message)


"Delicious!! The instructions are really clear, especially the rice method! Will be back for more soon."

Taiba (email)

[Khoresht Sub o Gheysi kit]... "I honestly can tell you that every person in my house wiped their plates clean and thoroughly enjoyed the balance of spice and flavour in the food. The rose petals and almonds added to give the dish a royal finish!"